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2016 Schedule and Results

Previous Seasons: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

Non-CVBL games are shown in burgundy. All CVBL games begin at noon, except where otherwise indicated.

Clicking an Expos logo () provides the Press-Republican recap for a finished game.

Date Opponent Home/Away Game 1 Game 2
May 1st Fourth Ward Timberjaxx Home (South Acres) PPD (Rain)
May 4th Peabody's Padres Home (Lefty Wilson) PPD (Rain)
May 8th Bye Week
May 13th Peabody's Padres Home (Lefty Wilson) L 2-6
May 15th Fourth Ward Athletics Away (Lefty Wilson W W
May 19th Peabody's Padres Home (Lefty Wilson) W 12-2 (5)
May 22nd Fourth Ward Cardinals Away (Lefty Wilson) L 1-6 L 1-4
May 24th Fourth Ward Cardinals Home (Lefty Wilson) L 0-9
May 29th Crown Point Pirates Home (Saranac) W 10-0 (5) PPD (Rain)
June 1st Fourth Ward Athletics Away (Lefty Wilson) W 8-2
June 5th Bye Week
June 7th Fourth Ward Cardinals Home (Lefty Wilson) L 0-3
June 12th Lyon Mountain Miners Home (South Acres) W 3-2 W 12-2 (5)
June 15th Fourth Ward Athletics Away (Lefty Wilson) L 4-9
June 19th Bye Week
June 21st Peru Dodgers Away (Peru) L 2-3 (8)
June 26th Fourth Ward Timberjaxx Away (Lefty Wilson) W 8-1 W 10-1




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